Living Room Lighting Tips You Should Try

Remember when decorating a room, we will get a variety of decoration supporting factors and increase comfort in the room. And lighting is the most important element of the various types and elements of decoration available. Lighting is a vital part of the decoration, and lighting is a very important decorative element and contributes to comfort for the whole room.

Living Room Lighting Tips

Living Room Lighting Tips
Every room in your house must have 3 types of lighting:

  • Ambient
  • Duty
  • And accent

When this lighting will combine well and display amazing results from your room. This is ambient lighting that will spread throughout the room, task lighting is lighting that has a certain direction, and accents are lighting that gives the impression of being dramatized and gives a spotlight on a particular object in the room.

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However, in reality, the living room is not like a kitchen that has a special purpose. So it is important to provide lighting that will illuminate every activity on each side of the room. Activities that are often done in the classroom are like:

  • Read
  • Watching TV
  • Played
  • Chat
  • Doing task
  • Etc

With so many activities in the living room, the most effective way is to spread the lighting on each side of the room, and adjusting the placement of lights on all sides of the room.

To maximize lighting and accentuate designs in the living room, there are several types of lighting that you should know about:

This is lighting that is located above the ceiling such as spotlights, mount-flush or semi-flush, track lighting, and others. Installation of this lamp will provide room lighting around it and fill the room with basic lighting. You can also get lighting that can be directed in certain areas.

Hanging lamps on the ceiling of the living room will make the room feel warmer between ambient lighting and also this task depends on your choice of size and placement. Hanging lamps are very rarely encountered in the living room, but this can be a more interesting lighting consideration to enhance the style and dramatization in the living room.

Table and Floor Lamps
This lighting choice is often associated with task lighting and also the lighting of the surrounding area. When you use Overhead in the living room, sometimes they will not reach several sides in the living room, thus the table and floor lamps will act out their function to illuminate the side that is not highlighted by your overhead lights.

Wall Sconces
This is a lighting choice that will provide lighting exclusively in the living room. Wall Sconces are lighting options with a small flame that will emit limited lighting. But, this is the best choice for regulating moods with soft rays.

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The idea of giving light in the living room
Remember that every lighting in every room will have an amazing impression, this is not just the unlucky lighting that you will get. But also as an increase in style in the room. Ceiling lighting, lamps, sconces you can find in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors that you can adjust to the atmosphere and design of the living room.

Here are tricks you can try.

  1. The combination of the swing arm above the table by using a table lamp, you can get a reading area with its use
  2. To get a formal impression in the living room, you can place a table lamp on the console
  3. To make the attraction, you can place a chandelier on the ceiling with a slightly high cuddle
  4. Use your Sconces to a flank wall or glass art

To get and set the atmosphere in the living room, you can choose to use a dimmer for your lighting. This becomes a very easy way to change your mood. Dramatic impression will be very good for the living room, but this is not forever. By adding a dimmer in the living room, you can adjust and change how much light is needed. Besides being able to adjust the lighting level, with a dimmer you can save energy and also expenditure.

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