Living Room Wall Decor Tricks With Pictures

When we have a room with neatly arranged furniture, clear traffic, and comfortable layout, what else can destroy the impression in this room? Except … That empty wall! Nothing is said to get the perfection of the decoration is easy! Even making a wall to get art is quite a complicated job. Even many feel awkward and scared before trying.
To make it easy for you to decorate the walls, we have some fun ideas for making wall decorations fun. Let’s scroll through this article and get dos of artwork that shouldn’t be in the room. This will save you time when decorating, more economical than you are in a room and staring at a blank wall with your wild imagination. Of course, this trick will help you save time and effort!

Living Room Wall Decor

Living Room Wall Decor
  1. The wall is an empty area that you can make anything you want. Turn the walls into a throne to display your photos. Print your photos and stick them on the foam sheet to create a focal point on the wall of your living room.
  2. Hanging some wall art will never be wrong. Wall art will increase the attractiveness in the room and this applies in every room in your home.
  3. For those of you who want to hang up some big sized pictures, you can use hooks to hang this better than using nails and screws. Even the hook will support up to 100 pounds. For safety, you can use two cuts by hooks to maintain balance.
  4. Make several pieces and put them together as a unit when you begin the hanging process.
  5. To get perfection in changing photos, first, plan your settings. Place it on the ground of the wall and adjust it to the desired height that will make you satisfied.
  6. Resting artwork on several sides. When you place some art that rests on the fireplace or console table this will make the room more stylish. And coat several parts to get a more perfect appearance.
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  1. To hang wall art, this doesn’t have to be an expensive item! This can be a self-help project by hanging family photos or putting cloth and wallpaper on the wall. In fact, you will get lots of very affordable online gallery ideas that can be used on your wall.
  2. Don’t hang your artwork too high. The best hanging of artwork to enjoy is hanging with eye height when standing.
  3. For those of you who have mini-sized art, you can make it look bigger by using a frame.
  4. And never hang small art in a large room, this is very strange.
  5. Don’t install wall art without help! When you try to hang art on a wall, you better bring a friend and help you with the installation. One can install it and the other one backs off and ensures that your installation is correct.
  6. Don’t hang too far, to make the room feel full, you can use a little space in your art at least two-three inches for hanging distance.
  7. Don’t hang large pieces on one side, for balance you need to do a variety of hangers. At least hang two large pairs of art on two sides and combine them to get a visual impression.

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