Mistakes That Are Often Made In Indoor Plants

When you take a plant into the room, it becomes a very useful and a bit tense choice. When you find plants that are fertile there, this is your success. But it’s different when you find plants start to gloomy and even yellow, surely you will immediately open Google and look for ways to make them smile again, right?
There are several reasons why planting indoors can turn yellow suddenly, and lose its luster. You must have made a mistake! But, you didn’t realize that, huh? What little mistake will make you rip off your plants? Or prefer to remodel and look for mistakes and fix them? We wrote a few things that you must know to keep plants fresh and trimmed for a year.

Mistakes That Are Often Made In Indoor Plants

Mistakes That Are Often Made In Indoor Plants

No Cropping
This is not only the work of your gardener, but it must also be done for those of you who bring in planting. However, the fact is that there are many people who don’t because they don’t know how to do it and in fact, this is an easy job to do. It’s like when we cut the ends of the hair and they will grow again. To make plants smile and have good leaves, all you have to do is cut off the dead ends or turn yellow so they can grow better.

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It only requires a strong, sharp, at least strong clean scissor to cut your dead leaves. Check carefully, which part of the leaf is dead and cut for new, more beautiful growth.

As people who bring plants, we will certainly give a lot of care to this plant. This is actually a mistake when we take care of ornamental plants. When the plant looks a little pale, you will immediately take care. And this is actually a mistake! In fact, plants are stronger than they look, and even they can survive with little care (care).

Like when winter strikes, they tend to shed their leaves and this is not a terrible thing! When it is winter some plants will do it for the natural seasonal release process.

Using Fertilizers
This is a mistake that is often encountered, maybe some people think using fertilizer will provide many benefits for your plants. However, this is wrong! Even your plants don’t need it. Basically, fertilizer is not needed to make your plants grow, this only happens when the plants really struggle to live.

This is a weekend activity for those who bring plants in. Watering plants will make plants grow more fertile and smile cheerfully. Do not over-water the plants! Just use a bottle and make a small hole in the lid using a nail, and water it every weekend. This is an effective way to keep your plants smiling all season long.

Not Giving Reputation
Doing a bother can be a terrible activity. But this is not the time to be afraid and it must be done. And the best time to do it is when spring arrives, and before the planting season. This not only moves it to a wider area but can also replace the mixture in the soil and provide fresh new nutrients for plants.

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Letting Get Dusty
Find the right time to wipe the leaves of your plants with your fingers, make sure your fingers are clean because when your fingers are dirty this can make your plants sick. Dust on the leaves of plants can also make them sick, do a check and wipe regularly to clean it. Use a damp cloth or use a soft brush.

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