Optimize Home Office For Your Productivity

Optimize Home Office

How’s your Optimize Home Office? After a few weeks working from home, how does it feel? Are you still enthusiastic, are productivity still maintained? When working from home, you will definitely spend more time thinking about how to make space more comfortable and maintain your productivity.
Because the office is in the home area, so you can be creative in accordance with the shadow of a dream office of your own. To get the ideal office space, you can redesign your room! There is no best way to optimize your productivity, creativity, and focus besides redesigning your home office. To get good protection in your home office, you can take easy steps from choosing colors, furniture, and also lighting. These 3 main factors will be important in keeping your productivity maintained. Choose your day off and prepare the tools to redesign your home office with this trick.

Optimize Home Office

Optimize Home Office
Choose colors based on the work you do, this may sound very simple but the choice of colors that are around you will help you be more productive. The colors that provide atmosphere, increase focus, and can also be a driving force of thought from the owner of the room. For example, when you are a worker who has a lot of work and requires you to play knowledge, the best color is blue to make you more relaxed. And for those of you who have jobs that require you to continue to be active, the choice of red is the best to give you extra strength.
And green can be an option for areas of the office that require you to continue to think creatively and continue to imagine, green is also a color choice that gives positive emotions to you. Even green can be used for every type of work because they provide calm and increase focus.
Space Flexibility
Do you have chairs and floor lamps that can be adjusted to the rhythm of your work? If you get these lights and chairs or have the ease of moving furniture from one side to the other, then you can get full control to remodel the room when you feel bored.
We love the addition of dimmers to our task lights, and we bring in furniture with easy removal that we can easily rearrange at any time. The ease of adjusting the height of the chair and the design on the table is the key to flexibility in the workspace and with that, we feel this is truly our personal workspace.
This is one key design in every room that is never left behind to make you feel comfortable and comfortable. In fact, bringing natural light into the room will build the atmosphere and improve your performance. And this is true! The natural light that enters the room will provide a better mood for the user of the room. And this means, when you have more natural light then your performance and mood will stay awake.

You can add the use of a thin curtain on the window as an item that filters the incoming light and gives additional privacy to the room. There is nothing better than the use of thin curtains to regulate natural light entering the room.

A study states that bringing in plants can be the best way to increase the focus of workers in the room. Plants can be items that will increase your creativity. And plants in the same work area will provide better performance improvement, in addition to providing additional focus, and improving plant performance in the work area can be the best way to keep you focused and focused!
Work desk maximalism
Don’t leave a pile of books or stationery falling apart on the table! Disorganized and chaotic tables become one of the stress enhancers. And don’t be surprised if you feel more pressured by irregular work areas! So make your work area simpler and take out all the items that you don’t need there. This is the most effective way to reduce stress.

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