Quick Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors Easily

Learn some tips for choosing exterior paint colors and make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Picking the right exterior colors isn’t easy. While there are countless colors to choose from, you still need to consider some other things to achieve the intended appeal.

As you consider colors for your exterior, remember that the best ones are those that highlight the most charming features of the home. Sometimes you may need to honor history, especially when planning to paint an older home. You can refer to a historic color chart for this case.

Paying attention to the neighborhood is a great way to get started. Consider the color scheme of the homes and buildings around you. Then, find out which ones spark your visualize. Try to make your exterior appropriate for the neighborhood.

Quick Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

What else’s can you do to discover the right color for your home exterior? Well, you should follow the sun. Complete sunlight intensifies colors, so take note of which parts of the home that get the most light throughout the day.

If your front home is in the second half of the day, opt for more sublet colors to prevent a garish effect. Next, consider playing with accents. Homes are likely to have smaller details like porch columns, shutters, and fascia. Here, you can be more daring with color.

For instance, stick with a neutral palette for the body of your home and apply one bold color to emphasize the front door. Besides, remember that you have flowers pots, mailboxes, and other functional pieces that allow for a pop of bright colors.

Best Exterior Paint Colors for Small Houses

Then, what are the tips for choosing exterior paint colors in small houses? Exterior paint combinations for a small house should appear as expansive as possible. In this case, consider focusing on interesting architectural features to make your small house stand out.

For a reference, opt for blue and white paint combination. Instead of too dark or bright color shades, go for medium ones like cornflower blue, sky blue, blue-gray, and ocean blue. Use the white paint for edging, arches, trim, and any extra feature in the exterior.

Lastly, a combination of black and white is the basic way to make your home appear larger. White can expand a house, making it appear bigger than it is. Use the black paint for shutters and trim. That’s all some simple tips for choosing exterior paint colors.

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