Quick Tips Kitchen Cabinet Paint Like A Pro

Lately, we like how a DIY project uses more color paint to be applied to our kitchen cabinet. This is really a renovation project that makes our kitchen have a fresh and attractive look.
We gathered some advice from experts on how to make a more amazing look in the kitchen using color paint. We seek information from professionals in house painting to get the most sophisticated impression. And they really succeeded in rearranging the messy kitchen, following tips from experts.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Like A Pro

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Like A Pro
Wood is the most suitable cabinet material for color.
As they say, a wooden cabinet is the most perfect canvas for color. Unfinished, painted and even stained wooden cabinet can all be overhauled and get a better look even for a compressed / engineered wood. All types of materials for cabinets can be coated with paint, but nothing can be as good as wood.
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Any material that can be sanded and can be given paint, but not all will last long. And for wood with stains or glossy finishing, you must first erase it from the wood by using a liquid sander, will-be on the fabric. This method will make the paint on the wood last longer with a look that is still charming.
Before you start with a brush and paint, make sure you empty your cabinet completely and clean all the dirt and dust that is stuck, making sure there is no oil and dirt left behind. Remove the knob, handle and hinges. Make sure everything is empty, including your drawers, and basically all parts of the cabinet can be removed and painted using commercial settings. This is a big job that is difficult to do alone.
After emptying the cabinet and cleaning it, you can remove some parts that are not exposed to paint such as hinges, surfaces, and others. Prepare a wood filler to fix the hole. Sanding on the hard part and do not leave the edge of your cabinet door. Using 220 sandpaper is a good choice when you find stains with cabinets.

Make sure any dirt disappears before you do the painting.

After you make sure the preparation is complete, this is the time for priming. And make sure not to use prime products and all-in-one paint because this won’t work well in your cabinet. Prime oil and paint give good results with durability in your cabinet, but due to VOC, the use of oil is banned in various parts of the country. For this reason, using water-soluble paints is the best alternative we like Benjamin Moore’s Advance in combination with latex-oil.

However, make sure it dries faster so adding an extender will give you extra time for a better end result. Using primary coloring is an answer to make a dark cabinet brighter. By using underbody, you can make transitions to more extreme colors.

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To get paint with the best quality, do not compare with standard paint with only a minimal comparison. We have a recommendation using Fine Paints Europe, and Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore. And we most often use Benjamin Moore Advance to perfection in our painting. Using two layers of paint can be good for your cabinet. And to get the most perfect results you can use a soft bristle brush.

Prepare equipment and keep clean in your area, painting can be like a battlefield!

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