Quick Tips to Decorate Small Room Perfectly

Some simple tips to decorate small rooms can ease your upcoming makeover project. You don’t need to think that decorating tiny spaces is impossible. It is highly possible to infuse your personality and style even in a small space. Here are the tips.

First, keep the floor clear. Instead of cramping your room with bulky cabinets and things, try floating pieces to decorate small spaces. Opt for floating shelves and nightstands that keep the floor free of obstacles. Plus, you have additional storage beneath when needed.

Second, consider using folding pieces. You probably need a desk in your small space. But, you don’t use it 24/7, do you? That’s why installing furnishings that are capable to fold up when not in operation is a great idea. Then, what are the other tips to decorate small rooms?

Tips to Decorate a Small Living Room

When it comes to a small living room, try distracting the view with statement pieces. Get something eye-catching enough to distract the eye from the small space. You can get one or two statement’s items like an attention-grabbing artwork or an oversized table lamp.

If you need additional storage, grab several attractive baskets and hang them on the wall. This wall storage will be ideal to hold all manner of clutter including toys, books, and magazines. This way you can make your living room as clutter-free as possible.

Next, don’t let your small living room feels cramped because of too much furniture. When you need more seating, go for stools instead of additional sofas. Stools will take up less space than bulky armchairs. Also, they can be tucked in easily.

Tips to Decorate a Small Hallway

One of the best tips to decorate small rooms like hallways is to keep the color scheme light and bright. Choose color shades that make your small room feel welcoming and fresh. For instance, you can opt for pale grey or blue, dusky lilac, and blush pink.

To make your small hallway feels more spacious, you can consider adding a series of mirrors on the walls. Mirrors can reflect both natural and reproduction light to make any room brighter throughout the day and night. They bounce light deep into space, making it appear bigger.

Lastly, decorate your small hallway vertically. Think about wallpaper designs to complement your hallway. You don’t need to cover the entire walls with wallpaper. Instead, apply it as an accent that goes from the floor to ceiling. Now, you can try these tips to decorate small rooms.

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