Rock Garden Decoration Tips with Easy and Maximum Results

Natural stone is one of the versatile equipment to build a landscape in your home. Natural stones will provide additional texture and contrast to your landscape with the function of covering the ground and they will last long with several treatments or even no maintenance.

You will get many benefits from the use of stone landscapes in your garden, maybe it can be in addition to decorations that increase contrast and color addition or maybe it can be a simple therapeutic aid.

To create a charming stone landscape in the area of ​​the house, you can use the following tips to make it easier for you to decorate.

Rock Garden Decoration Tips with Easy and Maximum Results

Rock Garden Decoration Tips with Easy and Maximum Results

Choose your stone; The rocks you choose will make the tone and contrast control factor in your garden. Beach pebbles or river stones are a choice that homeowners often use to build their rocky landscapes, and also broken white marble gives a brighter impression in areas with less sunlight.

You can also place flat terracotta stones to give a tropical impression in the garden with your formal style. For a modern landscape with a minimalist style or a theme park with a Polynesian theme, you can try to insert a black lava stone that will give a more dramatic impression in any area.

You can explore online ornamental stone shops to open your imagination and determine which stone will fit in your landscape. Using stones in addition to decoration is a reasonable idea, because they are time-resistant, and will also showcase their best appearance for years.

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Mulch; Maybe mulch will have a cheaper price when compared to rocks. However, they have different advantages and benefits as ground cover decoration in your garden. They have amazing durability, using Mulch as a topper requires you to replace them every season. And while natural stone can last a lifetime in your garden.

Put colored stones will provide a very real contrast in your garden, especially when you use green leaves or a shaded area in their garden will help you brighten your garden.

You can attract attention by placing river stones that surround your plant or bush. This stone will give the impression like a living statue that surrounds a rare plant in your garden. Another function of natural stones is that they will prevent the growth of weeds around your favorite plants. However, you can give Antigulma before installing your stone (Prevention).

Plant Your Stone; To get a more dramatic and more captivating look in the garden, you can try to plant your stones and let them occupy your landscape. You should place your planting stone in an area that gives your stone a lot of sunlight and you can try to plant more than one stone! Two or three large planting stones become an option that you can try.

For a more dramatic impression, you can make your stone as a center of plants that surround it or with low adjacent flowers, you can try placing Portulaca, soil orchids or cactus. Fill the gap between the rock and your plants by using gravel to display the real contrast.

Centerpiece; If possible, you can insert large stones with unique shapes to make them a focal point in your garden. This method will be effective in attracting visitors to your garden, stones with unique shapes with large sizes will be a decoration in your garden. They don’t even need a lot of maintenance, unlike a bush that propagates and requires you to manage them (maybe a little difficult).

Create a Border; Large stones can be a key in giving the pool a background like in a fairy tale before going to sleep. Large boulders with the right shape and type will give you a camouflage into the black pool line that you are not wearing to view and they will give you a contrast to the pool of dark water.

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For installation Avoid using pavers with rectangular shapes. For a more natural and natural impression, you can use stones of the same size but with abstract shapes and colors.

Easy Maintenance; Maybe you can help the park with containers on your patio that require you to arrange a regular watering schedule. You can use a rock garden that is within reach of a sprinkler system. By coating your area using a weed barrier and arranging the container on it. Cut a hole in the barrier, and make the bottom of your pit face the ground.

Always make sure your pot has enough drainage holes. For more

Stone Path; Tips for making your last landscape area maximum decoration you can surround your pot using pebbles with charming colors and complimentary decorations. You will get the impression of a more attractive container garden that gets water every time your sprinkler lights up. by making a stepping stone path to give a more charming and beautiful appearance in the shaded area next to your house. You will get a little light on the side of your house and a little light will water your plants so building a stone pathway with charming colors will be an option you can try in your area.

For maximum appearance, you can use a large stone next to your pebble to get a neater impression with evenly contrasting colors.

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