Scandinavian Decor Tips What You Should Know Before You Begin

Ahhh … Scandinavian style, a style born from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, is a decoration that makes the whole world shake and wants this style to be in their room. The aesthetic aspect as a pleasing timeless style has become popular in every corner of the world.

Every year a new design style becomes a public style and creeps up into the hearts of every homeowner. From agricultural style to modern medieval style this style has become very well known and none of the styles can maintain the quality of their decorations the same as Scandinavia. Scandinavia is the only style that has survived the trials of time and made this Scandinavian style a favorite style in every corner of the country.

However, that does not mean that other designs are not liked. You are some Scandinavian style decoration factors that are often forgotten by every homeowner. On this occasion, fressmyhome will give tips to decorate Scandinavian style with every inch of design and also classic furniture that Scandinavia has to make this style perfect in your home.

Scandinavian Decor Tips What You Should Know Before You Begin

Scandinavian Decor Tips What You Should Know Before You Begin

In the following, we have prepared the basics of Scandinavian decoration that you can try in your home :

Where is Scandinavia actually from?

The Scandinavian style was born from three countries in Northern Europe namely Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. However, some people think Scandinavia was also born from Finland and Iceland, and they are wrong! But, these two countries are considered as Nordic countries along with the three Scandinavian countries above.

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Scandinavian Elements.

Scandinavian style is a style that is focused on clean, simple, minimalist, and also functional decoration without ignoring the beauty of their designs. Scandinavian design became very famous in the 1950s, and at that time modern styles in America and Europe also penetrated into an idol of design style. What makes Scandinavian style so interesting is its style that minimizes clutter in the room.

And you won’t invest in things you don’t need in this Scandinavian-style room. And vice versa, the Scandinavian style has its own place and is very organized so that you will easily find your belongings.

There is also the opinion that the Scandinavian style is a style that focuses on a bright and airy room with neutral colors as the basis in the room.

Basically, Scandinavians have an interest in the grace of nature and they are very fond of outdoor activities, and this makes a picture of Scandinavian decoration. Wooden floors that are open with a bright wood color are always found in Scandinavian-style homes wherever they are. And, green plants become a popular choice in designing a Scandinavian style, of course, these plants will bring a natural atmosphere in your room.

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Even the guesthouse is something that is never forgotten in this Scandinavian style decoration that is very important! Winter is attacking? Wisma comes with a variety of knit blankets and feather accents to warm you up and they bring traction into your room!

The tone in Scandinavian Decoration?

The choice of colors in Scandinavian designs depends on neutral colors, and especially with bright white tones with a combination of black and brown. However, this does not mean that Scandinavia is a very gloomy decoration! You will find the side where you will add accent pieces in your decoration by using bolder tones and following the existing design.

Blush and gray-blue are a common color choice in a Scandinavian style room. In addition to blue and gray tones, warm tan colors will accompany your decor and become very popular with natural styles and pieces with other women who inspire the room with green tones that appear in Scandinavian schemes.

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