Simple Bathroom Lighting Guide You Must Know

Simple Bathroom Lighting Guide You Must Know

Bathroom Lighting Guide

There are various activities that occur in the bathroom, from bathing, bathing, various beauty activities, and so on. With most of the activities that are carried out in the bathroom, of course, it will feel less if the bathroom does not have the appropriate lighting. Apart from supporting the various activities that are carried out in it, the lighting in the bathroom also affects your health.

Often times the bathroom becomes a small area in the house and it is easy to make it look shiny, but the lighting will not work if it depends on a single light source. The bathroom lighting guide will guide you to create a layer of lighting that supports the various activities that are carried out there.

The thing to remember is that no light source can beat natural light, but unfortunately sunlight won’t work when it comes. With this Bathroom lighting guide, you will understand how to bring in layers of lighting for a bathroom and make it feel more elegant!

Simple Bathroom Lighting Guide

Simple Bathroom Lighting Guide You Must Know
Simple Bathroom Lighting Guide You Must Know

Bathroom Lighting Guide With Natural Light
The first bathroom lighting guide you can get is lighting with natural light (sunlight). Sunlight is a must in every room, especially for rooms with high humidity levels. Natural light will kill mold and make the atmosphere warmer and more pleasant. At the very least, you should have some sufficiently large ventilation and allow natural light to continue flowing into the afternoon.

Bathroom Lighting Guide With Ambient type lighting
The first bathroom lighting guide is to bring in ambient light with the illuminations that fill your room. This type is a type of light that has a function as a substitute for natural light when the atmosphere starts to get dark. This lighting is often placed in the center of the room using a pendant lamp and often has a flat stand. However, a well-positioned pendant or chandelier will also make the atmosphere more pleasant and bring the bathroom to a more charming level.

Type of task
Bathroom lighting guide that will make the atmosphere more charming next is to use task type light! This becomes very important for the bathroom, considering that the bathroom is a space that is used for various sensitive activities such as make-up, shaving, and various other activities related to mirrors and light.

Paying attention to the lighting in the dressing area will help you bring in this kind of light! What needs to be underlined is that you can’t just rely on a lamp above a decorative mirror. Because with just a light you will get a shadow on the face area that interferes with your routine activities.

It is best for a decorated area to include a vertical fixture or a few sconces! For another equally effective option, you can use 2 chandeliers on both sides of the mirror to make the light spread evenly over the face area.

For special areas like the shower, you can bring in some overhead lighting and recessed lighting with a glass lens which is ideal for protecting the bulb from high humidity in the bathroom.

Bathroom lighting guide about bulb and Watt
Bathroom lighting guide is not only about getting a choice of lighting types but also about the choice of bulb that will work and is most suitable for the room. Bulbs also come with various types and ideas for durability and longer life, the use of LED bulbs is the best choice. Incandescent lamps and CFLs can also be considered for you, besides the type of bulb you also have to look at the wattage available!

For ambient type lighting, knowing how big the room is will help you determine how much wattage to bring in. As for task type lighting, you can use lighting with 75-90 watts. As for smaller dressing areas, use of 40 watts will suffice.

The color of the bulb will also influence the ambiance and appearance of the bathroom, using a bulb with a color rendering index of 90 or more with a temperature of 2800k-3000k is best!

How To Decor Bathroom More Simple

Bathroom Lighting Guide With Dimmer
The bathroom is often used as the first, last room, and also as a relaxation room. It is for this reason that many bathrooms are directly connected to the bedroom which will better make the bathroom and bedroom have dimmers to set the mood. When you try relaxation by taking a bath, playing the atmosphere by dimming the dimmer will bring you to feel the sensation of soaking in a pleasant SPA area! So, this should be included in the list of considerations.

Make sure you bring in a professional for lighting installation in your bathroom, water and electricity are two opposites. That’s why this Bathroom lighting guide ends by calling a professional worker to help with the installation!

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