Simple Small Living Room Arrangements

Simple Small Living Room Arrangements That Works Well

Small Living Room Arrangements

Basically, every room in the house presents its own challenges, but for the living room, the challenge will be even greater! Because this room is a multifunctional room in the house and the room that most often takes up our time. The living room arrangement is the key to the comfort and functionality of the space, when you want a more functional living room then optimizing it is an idea that will work well. For Small living room arrangements, you will get more challenges due to the limited space available. For that reason, we have compiled effective small living room arrangements for you to try! Keep scrolling and get information about small living room arrangements for maximum results.

Simple Small Living Room Arrangements

Simple Small Living Room Arrangements
Simple Small Living Room Arrangements

When you start decorating a small room, the short windows will give the impression of a boxy space! Therefore, adding a mirror to small living room arrangements is a good idea. By using a mirror, you will get a focal point, create a deeper appearance of the space, and increase the lighting in the room. If you can place a mirror across the window, the mirror will work best. The reflective nature of the mirror that comes in will give the impression that you have an additional window on the wall itself.

Use Slim Furniture
Basically, a full-sized sofa is a great way to take up more space in your small living room. For this reason, when you haven’t started investing in furniture. For the sake of convenience in small living room arrangements, you should consider bringing in furniture with a more streamlined visual appearance.

Consider using an armless sofa, or a few benches for your small space. Besides having a lighter visual appearance, the use of this furniture will make it easier for you to do small living room arrangements.

You can center a love chair on the window cavity area and then flank it with 2 tiny chairs.

Hidden Storage
For furniture, it has been resolved! Now is the time to consider using storage for your small space. In a small room, you’ll run into chaos faster! And storage is the quickest idea to solve that. But coming back to the space available, storage can take up a lot of floor space and this is true!

Consider using multifunctional furniture in your small room! By using it, it is easier for you to free up space and this is a really effective way to maximize small living room arrangements.

Raise the Look
If you have a small living room, but equipped with a high ceiling. You can take advantage of the ceiling to enhance the appearance of your room. Indeed, with the optimization of the vertical area, you still won’t get extra seating for guests. However, with a little creativity, you can grab the eyes of your guests and think that space is bigger than it really is!

Use your vertical space for an art gallery, or hanging shelves to get a guest’s eye on the vertical! This is a sensible example and is perfect for small living room arrangements!

The Love Chair is Better
For a small living room, a full-size sofa will never work! Because they will eat up more of your floor. Instead, you can use a love chair or sofa that has a slimmer appearance. And be sure to choose this chair with clean lines and more open legs to open up your space.

Organize Your Living Room with These Tips

You can place a small sofa in the middle of the room, and face it on a focal point on your wall. Add a chair with arms and ottoman with upholstered lining to complete the look of your small space. At least, you can bring 2-4 chairs for comfort.

Decorative plants
Don’t forget, ornamental plants are a great choice to make a space look deeper. A clean greenery is an option that adds color to any space, and with these plants, you will have a more refreshing living room. Place ornamental plants in a corner of the room or behind a seat.

Create Storage
Take your books and magazines! Make a surface area free from clutter such as books, magazines, or children’s toys. Take care of your storage, a built-in wall shelf can work well for any small space available. Use a little creativity and create storage in vertical areas with unique shapes.

And add a Wicker basket in the living room, using a Wicker basket will make it easier for you or the kids to put back the toys. Even when it comes time to get back to play, it will be easier for kids to find toys without calling you.

Prepare a spare seat
In a small living room, we often get more guests and less seating! When this happens what will you do? Especially when you buy a new seat, the small living room arrangements will not be sufficient for him.

So, a more effective way of dealing with your problem is to invest in a cafe-style folding chair. Using folding chairs that are stored in the cabinet will make it easier for you to arrange small living room arrangements. And when you need an extra seat, you just have to take it out!

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