Small Home Office Ideas To Increase Your Productivity

When working from home we are faced with various decorations that will make the home office space become more pleasant. Sometimes the office at home becomes a shelter to complete several tasks. However, there are also those who think that working at home is a prison (Yes, this is when you can’t manage your home office). When you start working at home, make your room a pleasant and cool room to work. You need to know, you can change a variety of existing rooms into workspaces with computers and some furniture supporting work. Basically, the office workspace only needs 4 key elements: Light, Temperature, color, and freshness.

Small Home Office Ideas To Increase Your Productivity

Small Home Office Ideas To Increase Your Productivity
The best workspace in the house is a room that has natural lighting there. Natural light from the sun will have a positive effect on everyone and this will increase
  • Mood
  • Level of vigilance
  • Seasonal Disorders
  • Make the eyes more comfortable to be in front of a laptop
  • And regulate stress levels

However, when your workspace does not have enough windows or lighting. Make sure Ana sets the work hours in front of your computer and goes outside to get natural light. You can add light therapy when you experience seasonal disorders.
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Full Spectrum Lighting is not lighting that gives you good health, but there are some people who combine natural lighting with the full lighting spectrum and they succeed in increasing productivity in this way and make a better mood with tone than ordinary light bulbs.
When working at home you are the king! You have complete control over your thermostat, unlike in your office, you will clash to raise or lower the temperature if it does not match the co-workers at the table next to you.
But besides you can adjust the air temperature to your liking, the air temperature in the office is also a factor that increases your performance. There is a study showing that when the temperature in an office space is increased from 68 degrees to 77 degrees, the wrong typing decreases by 45% and increases the typing yield by 155%. It can be concluded that a warmer atmosphere will increase your productivity than the cold atmosphere in the office.

This is all about you! Setting the thermostat according to your desires, but remember the warmth will increase your productivity. Heating in the room will make you comfortable and save energy …

Color becomes a strong element in any room, the color becomes an easy thing to give and manage your mood. Give a new coat of paint or coordinated color to balance desk accessories that will be good in personalizing your home office. And this is yours! It all depends on you, use strategic colors. Like when you don’t have enough light in the room, use bright colors on the wall to reflect the incoming light.

Bright office walls, tables, and decorations will increase the sharpness of your eyes and increase your productivity. However, when you want a more dramatic tone in dark green with a dark bookshelf with lots of books Will get you a good mindset when working.

Maybe you are getting confused about how you choose good colors for your office space, maybe a psychologist will help you! There was a study in 1996 that examined the performance, the atmosphere of existing color preferences. And many of the participants made greater mistakes in proofreading for office areas in white tones than in offices in blue and red tones.

However, remember also color saturation! As women have a more sensitive atmosphere (depression, confusion, and also emotional high) for bright tones, low saturation with white and gray, besides that men give reports they get a negative atmosphere at high saturation. Many of the workers dislike orange and purple in their rooms. And prefer blue tones to motivate yourself better than red and orange tones.

However, it all depends on you! If you have another tone that can increase your productivity and provide good energy in the workspace, then this is good for you.

Plants have positive energy for you and become very good in the workspace, plants improve mood and provide an additional mood for you. Some people will lose productivity when they don’t see green plants on their desks, they will even lose up to 20% of productivity.

Indoor plants become a good way to relax the office environment with a pleasant vibe to make you more alive and focus on your work.

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Maybe you will think about how to care for your plants. And this is a natural thing when we bring plants into the room, will definitely think about how to take good care of plants. There are several types of plants that you can bring in with easy maintenance, know here.

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