Small Living Room Arrangement

The Most Effective Small Living Room Arrangement Tricks

Small Living Room Arrangement

Every room in your house has its own decorating challenges. However, the extra challenge comes in the living room, and designing a small living room can be very difficult. Small living room arrangements require you to have a neat space arrangement, consider furniture, and how will you lay it out? With some considerations for room size, here are some tips for small living room arrangements.

Effective Small Living Room Arrangement

Small Living Room Arrangement
Small Living Room Arrangement

Use Mirror and Wallpaper.
In a small living room, with a low window, it will make the living room look like a box. And one effective way to make a small living room more attractive is to create a focal point for space, prioritize lighting, and bring it into your room. This is why I put the mirror in the first idea for a small living room arrangement with maximum results.

Placing the mirror in an area opposite the incoming light or across the wall art will give it a better look. The mirror can be used as the center of the focal point and reflects the light and tags and makes the bedroom more spacious.

Consider hanging the mirror over the love chair in the middle of the wall, then enclosing this chair with a pair of side tables furnished with matching table lamps.

Use Furniture That Looks Slim
A small living room arrangement using sleek looking furniture will do the trick. They will open up space, and give the impression that your room is bigger than it is. Using a full-sized sofa, or other furniture, look big on the side of the room and leave the opposite side empty will give the impression of your room feeling tilted.

Having a balance of appearance in a small living room is one way to make a small living room arrangement even better.

Hidden Storage
Small areas will get messy and messy faster! And clutter in a small room will create a cramped and unpleasant visual impression. The way to solve this problem is to use furniture that has hidden storage or built-in storage to deal with clutter in the room.

In addition to overcoming clutter, this dual function furniture will save the floor area and provide the opportunity to place other furniture in your room.

Raise it
For a small living room, however, it has a high ceiling so you can take advantage of the advantages of your room. The vertical area does not provide an additional sitting area in the living room, but a well-arranged vertical area will draw the view upwards, and produce a more luxurious and magnificent impression of space!

Options such as built-in hanging shelves and hanging plants on the walls will create a more elegant look and attract the eyes of your guests.

Sofa Size
In some living rooms, a full-size sofa can’t even be used! In addition to consuming floor area faster, the use of a full-sized sofa can make other furniture shifted, maybe even impossible to enter. To fix this, you can consider a love chair that has a sleek look or a sofa without arms. Also, make sure you consider options with clean lines and exposed furniture legs.

Formal Living Room Idea Will Inspire

Another consideration for a small living room arrangement is to use a sofa without aback. This does sound quite strange because a sofa without a back is rarely found. However, its use would be better to open up space. This option is a good alternative for your small living room.

Add a Plant Impression
Nothing can beat the look of plants in any room, plant wallpapers, decorative mirrors of plants, and also ornamental plants on one side of the room will give a deeper impression in a small room. Green plants will trick the eyes and make us think that the room is bigger than it really is. Compacting ornamental plants in the corner of the room will be more effective in a small room with a larger visual appearance.

Multifunctional Furniture
As we wrote earlier, multifunctional furniture will work better in a small-scale room. Apart from saving space, they will do double duty for you. Maximizing the appearance of a small room with more multifunctional furniture is an idea that is worth trying.

Storage Built-in
In addition to using double-duty furniture, you can try to maximize the appearance of the space with more storage on one of the existing walls. Pick an accent wall and make it an area for more of your hanging shelves.

Try leaving the sofa
Not every living room has to have a sofa in it! Even for a small room, why would a sofa be a more sensible idea. And you can also make a coffee table from an ottoman by adding a tray on top. In addition to being more effective, this method will give you a more spacious display of space for your small living room arrangement.

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