Small Living Room Decor

Small Living Room Decor For A More Elegant Look

Small Living Room Decor

What really deserves to be questioned by the owner of a small apartment or small house is not about how the living room furniture layout is chosen, but how everything in the room can work properly and function in a real way. No matter how small the living rooms in your home are, they will remain the center of home activities. Small living room decor can be a great project to enhance the function of your living room. A small living room will need more than just styling, but it requires a little creativity to maximize the function of the space.

The key to optimizing a small space is to make careful selection of the furniture that will be used, and play with creativity to organize, and find a way for the furniture to be strategically located for that small square. Wall art, sofas, mirrors and other small living room furniture will absolutely need coordination with each other to function and complement your space. For that, we have summarized small living room decor ideas from professionals to help in the arrangement and decoration of your small living room.

Small Living Room Decor For A More Elegant Look

Small Living Room Decor
Small Living Room Decor

Be creative with arrangement
For a smaller scale room, you will be required to think outside of box. Everyone can arrange a sofa with other furniture easily in their small space. However, the problem in small living room decor is how can a small-scale space be comfortable and functional for you? All you have to do is know how the space will work for you.

The arrangement of a small space can be based on what activities will be carried out there. Do you prefer a warm conversation area, a games area, or a living room for a private cinema with the family?

The living room can do all of that at the same time, but for a small space this can be very difficult. So, choose an activity that you will do there often and organize it more carefully.

Furniture size
Every side is very important for your small living room decor. In a small space, the size of the furniture will determine the shape of the space. Choosing a sleek sofa, a transparent coffee table with glass, and a pair of wall scapes make absolutely sense choices for small living room décor. Don’t forget the hanging shelves! Because they will occupy the top position of the essential furniture in the small living room.

Decoration For Additional Visual Interest
Use several layers of light for small living room decor. This method sounds very simple, but the results are extraordinary! Creating lighting in layers, at different heights will add interest to your small area, create a larger appearance and also attract attention.

However, make sure to pay attention to your light source! Even though it gives a lot of light splash into a small space, you must still pay attention to the balance in it.

Don’t forget the placement of the furniture
Pushing all the furnitures against the wall seems very exciting, right? What is the purpose of it? Of course it makes the space bigger! Wow. . . This may sound counterintuitive, but without realizing it, pushing furniture against the wall doesn’t change anything! In fact, it makes your room feel cramped and cramped. Giving a little space between the furniture and the wall will be better and make the space feel freer.

Coffee table
Consider a coffee table with multiple functions. The coffee table will be the furniture located in the middle of your conversation area and they will serve as a place to place your books, remote, and also your drinks. The problem is this is a small space, when the coffee table’s small-scale space is too large can be a problem. Consider using an ottoman with a dual function, or a table with drawers to add a little extra storage in the living room.

The Best Living Room Layout

Define a warm conversation area using a rug. A rug is the most comfortable area to throw your feet in and get extra warmth. Small living room decor using rugs will make a bigger and more comfortable impression.

Make sure to get rugs that are large enough to cover the leg of the furniture for at least one front leg.

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