Small Living Room Optimization Ideas

Small Living Room Optimization

Small Living Room Optimization, the living room is one of the many rooms that have an openness to the many flowing ideas of decoration and inspiration. The most comfortable place to take a nap, watch midnight horror films, play children’s puzzles, read, and also receive guests. The most versatile room is often designed in such a way as to get the best space, but what about the small living room?
A little living room can be a really complicated choice. Difficult in the sense to adjust the function for a small area in the house. One way to maximize the small living room is to determine the right function for your room. And one of the ideas to create a cohesive and clutter-free display is to determine the function of the living room and then buy the right furniture to carry out the functions you need.
For a living room that accommodates many people, then you can consider a stacking chair, coffee table, or a chair that has a double function as a coffee table, seating, or as additional storage. Arranging and bringing in the right furniture for the room is a must-do for a small room, this way will maximize the appearance of the living room and make it able to accommodate guests and people in it.

Small Living Room Optimization Ideas

Small Living Room Optimization
1. Bring in Rugs That Are Large Enough for Your Room
One way to make the illusion of a small living room look bigger is to use rugs that are large enough to hold all the legs of your furniture. Rugs have the ability to define space, add texture, provide a spark of color in the room, and also make the room feel bigger than it really is.
The idea of ​​placing rugs is when you can idle all the furniture legs above the rugs and give a little space behind the furniture and walls for traffic in the living room. When you can’t get rugs that are big enough for furniture legs, at least you should be able to lift one of your furniture legs on the rugs.
2. Make use of Vertical Space
For those of you who really get a small living room with many limitations, trying to hang things in a vertical angle is a wise idea! You can use floor lamps for additional lighting and reading angles, but in a small space using a candle holder is a better choice. Instead of using a coat rack in the corner, you can use hooks that never take up the floor area. There are many tricks to open your space, especially when you can take advantage of existing vertical space.
3. Create a Storage Room
One problem in small spaces is when you can’t get space to store extra items in it. For that, we recommend you to be creative and keep the room neat and uncluttered. One of the main problems facing the living room is chaos, especially for those who have a small guest room!
Clutter on the surface can be a problem and make the room look even smaller. So, maximizing storage in space is a must to do. One trick to get a storage area is to use double-duty furniture or use vertical sides like the idea above. However, you might also consider the Wicker basket next to the sofa to cope with various small items such as children’s toys or jackets that are often tossed.
4. Choice of slimmer furniture
Using an armless sofa is indeed an effective choice for maximizing a small living room, but you can also use options with sleeker furniture for your space savings. Furniture with a large display will have a heavy illusion, and when you use it on one side of the room without balancing on the other side, the living room will feel slanted.
5. Minimalism
Remember one thing, when you have a small room then bringing too much furniture into it will never work! What’s more, bringing furniture into a small space must really pay attention to its function. Because this furniture must really work for you, and not disturb the traffic in it.
This I have often said in previous articles! Pushing furniture against the wall won’t solve your space problem. . . In a small living room, you need to give a little breathing space between the furniture and your wall, this will give traffic in it and have the illusion of more space.

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