Small Space Design Mistake You Must Know Before Decorating

Small Space Design

Small Space Design, many of the homeowners who have minimalist spaces are confused and hesitant to decorate their rooms, even they think that to overhaul the minimalist room design will be high stakes. To design a minimalist room in your home, this is not just an arrangement and fulfillment of design desires, a minimalist space arrangement is not intended to get all the charming designs and decorations. But minimalist space design is how you can function on each side of the room to be more effective for use.
No wonder when meeting with interior design pros in the middle of the city, they will continue to try to perfect how to use every inch in the existing room. Each design has various levels of errors in decoration. To find out what are the errors in the design in a minimalist room, we have talked with the pros and finally got some conclusions of the common mistakes made by homeowners when arranging their minimalist room.
The following are common mistakes when decorating a minimalist room.

Small Space Design Mistake

Small Space Design Mistake
Open Shelf on Entry
Trying to place a set of open shelves floating in front of the entrance is a temptation to get a more attractive design in a minimalist space. When we find a minimalist room, the use of floating shelves is a good idea to try because open shelves will not take up any floor space. However, when the design and layout are not set, the final result of the open shelf is just a mess and makes the design more cluttered.
To get more practical results from the room arrangement, we recommend using furniture with multiple functions and providing a more functional storage area to deal with clutter and also hide it. The small cupboard that offers storage is a more important piece and will give guests a more charming first impression.

We prefer to welcome our guests by hanging a mirror at the entrance to give the illusion of a minimalist room and make it look bigger.

Carpet Area
This can be a common mistake in minimalist room designs that must be avoided, the selection of living room rugs! When bringing in rugs in the living room, pay attention to your selection, don’t use rugs that are too small for your room. Basically, when you bring a carpet that is too small in a room, then you will give the impression of a confined room and make it look smaller than it is.
Make the most of your rugs! Living room rugs are intended to provide extra warmth to your feet in the living room, soaking the sound, and providing an area for your furniture to drop in. When carrying rugs in a minimalist space, you must consider the size of the rugs and also the distance that is from the rugs and walls at least have a distance to breathe.

Using rugs in the living room will be the item that holds the room together, and also gives the illusion of a bigger and free space!

Personality in the Bathroom
This happens often! Basically, the bathroom is the most minimal room in your home and many homeowners tend to ignore it. The result is that the bathroom is a utilitarian room, and very boring. Bring in a mirror with an attractive design, wallpaper on one side of the wall can also be a great idea to accentuate your personal style. Minimalist space is not a reason to leave the personal style of the room owner.
Lighting is also one of the mistakes in making designs look really bad, not just for minimalist spaces! The decoration of the lighting will have an unpleasant effect when you don’t notice it. Not just about how much lighting you use, but about the intensity you bring into the room!
When you use hidden lighting for the living room, sometimes it also becomes bad for the room when using hidden lighting with an intensity that is too bright this will even have an uncomfortable effect for any room!
Remember! This is a minimalist design in the room when you decorate your bedroom make sure to bring the right bed and still provide free space for other furniture in your bedroom. Using a bed that is too big for the bedroom can be a serious problem. The use of a large bed can make your room not enough breathing area and make the room more narrow and not fun at all!
Make sure you take measurements on the area and size of the bed before investing in a bed that will become a star in the bedroom!

Remember Never try to push all your furniture against the wall, pushing walled furniture is something that will make the area feel more crowded. To make the illusion of a bigger room, you can give a little breathing area to the back of furniture with walls is an effective idea!

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