Smart Tricks Changing the Atmosphere in the Living Room

Let’s return to the guest room, the room where we often relax and play with guests and family, we have discussed decorating the living room on this web. If you are left behind on how we can decorate a charming living room in our house, you can click here.
Decorating the living room for a pleasant impression you can get when you know-how and steps to start decorating. It’s like a “canvas” … However, maybe when you decorate the living room you feel right and comfortable. Maybe a few moments later you feel an unpleasant atmosphere present in your room? Hmmm, maybe it’s time to re-think and it’s time to change the living room in a smart way at a low cost! Here’s how …

Smart Tricks Changing the Atmosphere in the Living Room

Maximum impression
Maybe changes in the living room can occur when you have a lot of objects scattered on the surface of the floor and also on the coffee table. Chaos in every corner can occur when you forget to clean your room. Even a large room will turn into a cramped and unpleasant room when a lot of chaos spreads on the surface. Chaos is a cruel thing and will destroy any design in any space!

Input Light
You can try to bring out the thick curtains and replace them with thinner curtains to filter the incoming light. In this way, you will understand how the impact of using thin curtains to filter the incoming light. In addition to being a good light filter for the room, the use of curtains will also give you extra privacy for your room. Even investing in curtains is not an expensive investment. So when your porch is crowded, try to bring in a thin curtain to filter out the light coming!
Changing colors is the most effective way of modification to change an impression in any room! When you try to change colors in a room, pay attention to the color scheme! You can adjust your mood and minimize errors and still balance the color choices. The selection of paint with durability must also be considered because this will be an investment in a long term. We love the Dulux Diamond Matt with good results and great durability.

Also consider the use of one wallpaper panel on a large frame, this has the same impression as the overall features for your wall. Even using wallpaper won’t cost a lot of budget, this only requires one roll of wallpaper! 

New look
Move furniture to improve the impression of your room, and when you are trying to refresh your living room you should look at it as objectively as possible to get a better impression. The use of furniture with different sizes can be a good choice to fill the room. However, sometimes moving the entrance to the conversation zone can be a quick trick for you to try.

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Light up the room
Remember the main key in every decoration project is the right lighting, even window treatment projects can optimally change the impression of your room. Changing the bulb in a brighter (cooler / warmer) tone can also be a good alternative to try. Also, use Dimmer for your room, Dimmer will be a good investment to set your mood.
For those of you who use carpet on the floor, you can try removing your carpet for a while. Pay attention to how your floor reflects light and makes a fresh, cleaner look for your room. Choices of wood such as laminate and also tile will give you a really great effect!

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