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Wall Art

When talking about ways to decorate walls in a room, then we will be faced with many choices. Wall art, photos, accessories, carpets, etc. Although you are faced with a wide selection of wall art decorations, all the items there are only aimed at decorating the room and making the room more attractive and attractive. Indeed there is no standard rule on how to decorate the room on your wall, but we have a basic trick that can make it easier for you to choose wall art in the room.

Choosing Wall Art

Wall Art
Wall Art Selection Tricks
It all depends on you personally! The selection of the best wall art is based on the choice that you like. No one wants to hang wall art that is not at all attractive to occupants of space. Keep in mind! That this is your home, your room, and every inch of design depends on your personal choices and style!
Inviting each family member to negotiate an election is the best thing that can be done to foster interest and visual appeal in a room that suits the personal style of the householder! So make sure to prepare a wall art that suits your style.
Choice of Wall Art Based on Size
Wall art will never be great when it doesn’t pay attention to its size. Pay attention to the size of your walls, and consider what is appropriate wall art and be there. An art that does not fit into the size of the room will only disrupt your appearance and design. However, for mounting wall art on the sofa make sure your installation does not exceed the width of the sofa!
Basic tricks for placing good wall art to define space:
Oversize (100cm +)
Bringing in wall art that has a very large size can be a way to display focus points in the room. When you want to use it, make sure your space is large enough to accommodate your wall art.
Large (85-100cm)
Wall art that uses a larger frame can be art that is in the middle or acts as a counterweight to the small piece next to it. Using a pair of large pieces for a room is a standard that can be applied.
Medium (64-75cm)
The medium-sized wall art is usually placed in groups, but not infrequently they are hung independently in the middle of the wall. Keeping the room symmetrical is the key to hanging this medium-sized wall art.
Small (45-50cm)
Wall art with a small size will never be alone in the room, they will always be accompanied by a partner or at least let between 2 to 6 wall hangings.
Minimalist (25-50cm)
For wall art, this one will never be installed or only one pair! Because this art was created to be a group and form a display that attracts attention.
When making a selection for wall art, make sure you determine the right size in the room. Like a kitchen that rarely finds wall art with a large size, or a bathroom that will never use it!
Additional Tips:


  • The uses of images on will never be good if more than 2/3 of the sofa
  • Hang a photo 20 centimeters above the edge of the furniture
  • A small art will not be able to complete the appearance in a large room, or a small room will not fit in a large-sized art.
  • The height of the ceiling is also a determinant of your art.


Wall Art Options By Style
You already know the various choices for wall art, and the selection of wall art based on the choice of style is the most sensible idea to do. One of them is by choosing to focus on antiques, a bright, bold appearance, and also has more appeal to the room.
  • Make a selection with pieces that define the style in the room
  • Use at least one large work of art
  • You can use a group of artists with a small size for the area above the window or in a room that has shorter walls
  • Use of frames to tie your personal style
  • Don’t hesitate to mix in some wall art-making materials
Color Based Choices
The use of color for the room will have a truly amazing impact. Even when you mix existing color choices into wall art in the room, the color scheme that is in the room will be more interesting and diverse.
As an example for those who use a Scandinavian look indoors, they will use wall art that has bolder colors or even contrast to accentuate the wall art. And for those who are in a minimalist style, with a neutral and neutral color palette they will prefer a bolder color to their wall art. This is the most reasonable way to maximize the attractiveness of wall art in its space.
Based on the Theme
For those who want the look of a house that is truly perfect with the basic theme of the room. You can consider wall art that follows the themes in your room. and even rooms that have grooves according to the theme, will attract more interest from potential buyers.
Like a room with a Scandinavian theme, the combination of wall art from nature and simple appearance will be displayed more often.
For those who use an open plan floor plan, they will be faced with a selection of wall art that is more difficult for the room. A trick for choosing wall art in an open plan is to plan and then make a purchase and hang wall art to define each room.
For example, for an open floor plan for a dining room and living room, you must display wall art that is related to your room. The selection of the right and right wall art will tie the room, be an attraction, and define space.
The selection of wall art will never be difficult when you know the key to the election and the atmosphere you want to create in it.

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