Strengths and Weaknesses of Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Layout When thinking about how to increase the value of the kitchen, you will imagine doing renovations by buying some new equipment such as tables, cabinets, and other accessories. However, sometimes what makes the kitchen less charming is the layout of your kitchen!
Have you ever thought that the kitchen feels crowded and does not have a good design? Basically, one way to increase the value of a kitchen is to reorganize the planning and also the flow of traffic in it. Even the trick to overhauling a big kitchen is to do a makeover on the flow and layout. And many of the designers always talk about some of the most reasonable kitchen layout contexts!

Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Layout
One wall layout
The layout of this one is a layout that will focus all the equipment (cabinets, and countertops) on one wall, utilizing one wall space to put all the existing kitchen items and maximize storage there. This one layout is often used for kitchens with small size, but in a large room, they are also not inferior!


  1. By using just one wall, you will get smoother and uninterrupted traffic.
  2. There are no obstacles in the kitchen, you can maneuver optimally there.
  3. The kitchen layout is the easiest to plan, and navigate
  4. The design that focuses the plumbing and electricity on one side makes the building of space faster.




  1. With a design on one wall, you need more time to do the calculation.
  2. Less efficient because it does not have a triangle in it.
  3. With limited space, you cannot get a chair in the kitchen.


Corridor Style
For those who live in apartments or small houses, one of the most reasonable uses of the kitchen layout is the corridor layout. The style of the corridor space allows both sides of the wall to find all services for the kitchen. The kitchen which has an open area on both sides remaining makes the kitchen also functions as a corridor connecting two spaces.
  • With calculations on both sides of the wall, making this layout more functional with a more classic kitchen triangle.
  • With this layout, you will find less counter space and also a cabinet area.
  • With a narrow area in the kitchen putting two chefs together will never work!
  • Traffic in the kitchen is uncomfortable.
  • The wall at the end can be called a dead space!
  • With a very limited area, you can not bring chairs to sit.
Space Form L
Layout with an L shape is the most favorite idea. With two walls side by side which will be a barrier to countertops, cabinets, and also other kitchen services. With this L style, many cabinet manufacturers can more easily set the standard.
  1. With this style, the chef will find a good kitchen triangle.
  2. Has a larger table space to maneuver
  3. Adding islands to the layout is a good idea because you don’t have cabinets that limit the island
  4. The form is very great allows you to find a table and a seat in the kitchen.
  1. The final point of this layout can be very far
  2. A stepping cabinet in the corner or a wall cabinet can be a difficult area to reach.
U Shape
This style of kitchen is often associated with the kitchen corridor layout when the end of the room is not given a table. With one wall left open to access and navigate in the kitchen.
  • Have a good workflow with the classic kitchen triangle.
  • With the closed-end giving you more space to add a cabinet
  • To find the kitchen island in the form of a U, it will be a little difficult!
  • With the composition and shape, inserting a seat into the kitchen can be a little difficult.
Double L.
The shape and design of this kitchen are really preferred, the design that provides easy access and two work areas at once in one room allows the chef to find a kitchen island complete with a stove, and also a sink.
  1. The island has more room for counters
  2. Allows two chefs to work together in the kitchen
  1. Spending too much space on the floor.
The best kitchen layout choices can be chosen by considering how you use the kitchen and how big the room is.

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