The Best Choice Of Living Room Paint Colors To Add a Comfort

The living room gives you many choices to be creative and show your personal style. The room where you will relax and also refresh your energy after a day of work and creativity. The most appropriate place to gather and brew tea with family and guests who come. How do you respond to this very complete space?

What color will you use to decorate your living room? The color in the room will certainly give a variety of impressions and moods for everyone in it. The choice of paint color and also the durability of the colors will affect how your room gives and shows your style. For this reason, why the selection of paint in the living room can be a way to show the impression and style of the homeowner.

The Best Choice Of Living Room Paint Colors To Add a Comfort

The Best Choice Of Living Room Paint Colors To Add a Comfort

For coloring in the living room, you don’t just consider your coloring. In addition to choosing a color hue in the living room, coloring in your room requires that you choose the right type of paint for flow in the living room and as a complement to the needs and lifestyle in it.

Providing color in the living room will be a way to show your excitement and mood. However, before you choose a color for the living room. It’s a good idea to read this paint selection guide that will make it easier for you to get the best paint in the living room with long-lasting results and still maintain the beauty in it.

Oil and Latex Paint?
Oil coloring was once the only choice for a coloring project at home. And they are an excellent choice for a lot of texture and are also fast drying with a hardness that is hard to touch, hit, and rubbed. However, over time the selection of oil paints for coloring guests is not very good!

Even though it gives a smoother and richer appearance with high gloss and durability, oil paint is a difficult choice for handling. With a high level of organic compounds with chemicals in it makes health problems when exfoliated and inhaled. And also oil paint cannot be disposed of through disposal because it requires you to use a paint diluent for strong cleaning and also spills.

And you will need quite a long time to get your paint to dry. You need a trick to cover your paint for about 24 hours in drying your paint. Long enough time when you work on the painting project of the living room and keep the furniture, children, and also pets that roam there.

Latex paint is a good choice for work in your living room with a Water-based Formula that contains little or no VOC, you will get faster drying for this paint, with easier cleaning using soap and water. This is an advantage for living room painting projects more quickly and easily.

When you use Latex paint with the best quality you will get a final result that you really never imagined with elegant and durable results. Latex paint gives you the ease of cleaning by washing with water and soap for more regular cleaning. The addition of acrylic gives this latex paint to be more elastic by resisting collisions without having to peel off.

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Thus this paint becomes an excellent and easy choice for your living room area. Being the easiest and most efficient way to create a new atmosphere in the living room.

Note: When you find the living room with latex paint, you can use both types of paint to decorate the living room. But, pay attention to when your living room walls use oil paint you will not easily change to use latex paint. You have to start the preparation process correctly by using a primer to make sure your latex is sticking perfectly.

Oil paint


  • Ease of application
  • Stain-resistant
  • Many color choices
  • Sparkling


  • High VOC
  • Color changes over time
  • Long time drying (24 hours)

Latex Cat


  • Low VOC does not even exist
  • Easy to clean
  • Easier drying


  • More difficult to apply because Formula is thinner
  • It won’t be able to be used directly on oil painting

The best final result?
The best end result for the living room is when you see your living room becoming more beautiful and with longer durability for your coloring. This way you can consider the following options for the best results in your living room:

Best View

Satin is the best choice for the final result in your living room, satin gives you the choice for a more charming combination for durability and appearance in your living room, and comes with a formula that is easy to wash.

Satin finishing paint will reflect the incoming light but is considered uneven with a variety of tricks. The end result of adding resins that will give you shine, this paint will withstand all kinds of cleaning and also wear.

Satin becomes a very common choice in the living room because it provides a balance of the appearance of the paint and also the sparkle of the paint.


If you get a living room with lots of handprints, sticky objects, and spills you should consider Semigloos paint for your living room.

This paint is a choice with a lot of wear and with resistance to rubbing on your wall surface. Semigloss choice in the living room becomes an excellent choice for those of you who want easy maintenance and durability in your living room.

More Luxurious Look

To get a luxurious look in the living room, you can use Matte Paint in your living room. Matte is a perfect choice for a luxurious look in your living room, with resins that reflect light and also pigment particles in it, making this paint more attractive and giving it a more luxurious appearance.

For those of you who use paint for extra attention in the living room with velvet, matte paint is the perfect choice for you. However, this paint is for those of you with a low-traffic living room. With high traffic space, you will get too much action in maintenance such as more regular cleaning, and this will make your paint more fragile.

The Best Choice For Ceilings

The ceiling you can provide additional paint with bright colors to make a more charming appearance in your living room. Painting the ceiling will give you a more real and charming look overall. And why don’t you consider this?

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The ceiling in your living room is a great way for everyone in your living room, but few homeowners consider this. Because this surface is too high, many are not aware to paint it. Even paint on the ceiling will rarely get spills and make you not have to wash or rub it.

Bright tones on the ceiling really help you to make a fresh and bright look in the living room.

More Tips

There are no specific regulations for application with low VOC Cat. However, we recommend that you look for paints containing at least 5gram per liter. And learning more about VOC will make it easier for you to choose your paint.

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