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Floor Type

Decorating a home can be a challenge that can make a homeowner a little stressed with the choice of existing floors Type. Giving the color of the walls, accessories in the room, the selection of furniture with a tight budget all become a pretty heavy decoration challenge as well. However, the selection of floors in the room became a project that was tenser and drained the bag.
Even the floor is not just about vinyl, you will find various floor options when typing the keyword “flooring” in your search engine. There are several floors with quite affordable costs, but there are also some that offer prices that can damage your finances.
When choosing a floor for a room you need to realize that this is not about random choices that will always be successfully applied in every room. However, this will be a floor selection project that will last a long time in your home. It’s about the cost and effectiveness of your floor choices. Even each floor has its own weaknesses and strengths, sometimes a good choice for one room will never be good in one other room.
Before moving on to the floor selection process, there are several considerations that you need to make for the type of floor and start doing an estimate of the costs and benefits that will be gained. After everything is finished, you will only find a choice of floors that are suitable and by your existing budget.

Floor Choice

Floor Type
Basically, you will never get a floor that will be effective for each of your rooms. Like when bringing in hardwood for the living room, hardwood will survive well in the living room and bring warmth, and a classic impression. However, hardwood will never be successfully placed in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. To deepen your understanding of floor selection in the following room reviews each type of floor.
Hard Wood, hardwood floors are a very popular choice for any stylish room. With a simple construction with a 0.70-inch thick board that will hypnotize everyone who stepped on it.
The choice of wooden flooring comes in the form of strips which have a width of 1- 2.5 inches, width of boards 4-9 inches. The choice of wood flooring has many materials that can be used as a flooring maker such as oak, maple, bamboo, and various other options.
The choice of wood floors can be spread with two choices, namely finished and unfinished. For those of you who use unfinished wooden floors, you are required to do sanding and finishing after installation. Preinforced hardwood flooring is a cheaper choice of wood flooring with minimal work with a more durable finish and can even be a DIY project.


  • This type of flooring option is a choice that is often sought by many homeowners with a good appearance for any style.
  • Having good endurance
  • Has to ease in the repair when getting a scratch
  • Give additional value to your home
  • Having ease in cleaning, you can do regular sweeping and clean up spills immediately
  • Ease of installation.


  • Hardwood floors have problems with rough handling
  • When they get moisture continuously, the floor will bend (this is the reason why bathrooms and kitchens rarely use wood floors)
  • With extreme temperatures, the floor can shrink or swell
  • Scratches and dents are not unavoidable
  • Updates every 10 years must be done to maintain the appearance.
The best choice for using wood floors is where the room does not have busy traffic.
  • Living room
  • hall
  • bedroom
  • the dining room

We do not recommend that in the kitchen because the kitchen is an area with “busy” traffic levels and potentially more frequent moisture and spills.

Engineering Wood, we refer to this choice of flooring as a floor derived from solid wood flooring. Because they have a look that really resembles a solid floor. They carry natural layers on their surface with granules and cheaper layers underneath. For this reason, solid wood is the choice of floor type with a natural appearance and lower prices.
You will get a choice of hardwood flooring with different choices of patterns, colors, and wood appearance. This floor can be installed using nails, glue, or floating on foam. You can also get a choice of wooden floors with a “click and click” system to make your installation easier.


  • Has the look of the floor resembling natural wood
  • Cheaper price than wood floors
  • More scratch resistant and dent
  • More resistant to extreme temperature changes


  • Although it is more resistant than wood floors, this floor still has a weakness for scratches and curves
  • This floor can only be repaired for 3x
  • After the last repair, you will get a risk regarding the veneer underneath.
You can get the same room choice with solid wood flooring, even they can be a good choice for basements and terraces.
Bamboo is one type of hard grass that can grow and adapt to various regions. Bamboo is a choice of floor types that have the appearance resembling hardwood. And an alternative choice for environmentally friendly wood flooring materials.
You will get a choice of floors with strips and boards, with a variety of different patterns for each inch. This floor has complete lines on each side of the board showing that this is a bamboo knot. With a vertical-grain appearance with adjacent longitudinal narrow cuts, and end-grain bamboo with a unique little strip of short.
  • Durable
  • Ease of installation
  • Having unlimited stock because of the ease of development of bamboo itself can grow in various climates.
  • Many bamboo farmers use pesticides and fertilizers which are quite dangerous
  • Some use high formaldehyde glue
  • You need a test when buying this type of bamboo floor
  • With so many choices and variations in prices, the choice of flooring at low prices has eased in scratches and dents
It will be good with the living room, bedroom, and hallway area.
Laminate, this floor has the appearance of a non-wood surface but a replica of a clear plastic layer and makes this floor have the same appearance as wood, tiles, and several other materials.
You will get a choice of floors from boards and tiles, many of the laminate floors have a floating system that can be installed without using glue or nails.
The advantage
Has the same appearance as wood, stone with a lower cost
Easy to clean with minimal maintenance
Scratch-resistant and blisters
Ease of installation (but patience and accuracy must be observed).
  • Slippery when wet
  • When you find puddles on the surface, they can absorb into the material and become curved
  • Cannot be updated
This option is a good choice for areas with high traffic such as kitchens, play areas.
Vinyl is a type of floor with great durability, with materials that are more flexible and feel soft when stepped on. This floor is a floor made of PVC or fabric. This floor is a soft floor choice with a thin layer of foam that makes it comfortable when on the foot. Whereas the choice of a thicker floor can have a textured display that looks like wood or stone.
Vinyl flooring has several choices of shapes from large sheets with cut sheets. Or a vinyl board with a click-click system. Many tile floors also have a peeling back (adding adhesive before placing it).
  • This floor is resistant to moisture and high traffic
  • Comfortable
  • Warmer
  • Easy with good durability (More than 20 years)
  • Having a variety of colors and patterns
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of repair (remove and replace)
  • Easy to clean
  • For cheap types, they will only provide a few color choices
  • despite having long durability, but this floor is more easily scratched
  • When installing directly on a subfloor without an underlayer, you will find a hollow sound (echo) when walking
  • Not environmentally friendly
Kitchen, bathroom, wet area, high traffic area.
Linoleum is the choice of the floor with the longest durability, with renewable natural materials. However, in the last few years, they have been neglected because of the emergence of vinyl which has attracted the attention of homeowners. Because the chemicals in the vinyl floor, making the linoleum floor more glimpsed again.
This floor has the same type of vinyl as sheets, tiles, and laminated boards with floating mounting. It has a protective coating that can reduce wear and prevent stains.
The advantage
  • Longest endurance up to 50 years with routine maintenance every year
  • Soft and has many color and style variants
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Vulnerable dents (High heels are a natural enemy)
  • Discoloration when it gets too much natural light
  • Not waterproof
  • More rigid than vinyl
  • When the floor is not coated, you need waxing to maintain the appearance
Living room, kitchen, living room.
Ceramic tiles are the choice of flooring from clay and chips. This floor is a choice of hard flooring that comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.
Ceramic flooring has several types to consider:
  • Glazed ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Mine Quarry
  • Clay
  • You have a choice of various colors, shapes, and patterns
  • A look that can resemble wood and stone
  • Has long durability
  • Scratch-resistant, dented, and also moisture
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cold and hard
  • Noisy
  • Slippery without anti-slip coating
Best use
High traffic like the kitchen, and good for the bathroom.
So above is the best flooring choice for your home area, before you go to the store and invest better you start reading and considering your options!

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