The Best Kitchen Backsplash Selection

Kitchen Backsplash

The Kitchen Backsplash is one of the factors that will increase the attractiveness in your kitchen. Even backsplash will always appear at any time from when you wake up to brew coffee until the end of the day to get a glass of water before going to bed. So why are we just decorating the backsplash half-half? Let’s make backsplash more interesting to see throughout the day. Do not let you misstep in choosing backsplash and find areas that are stretched and unpleasant!
To help you in choosing a good backsplash, we have ranked the top for backsplash options according to FressMyHome, here the best kitchen backsplash ranks:

The Best Kitchen Backsplash Selection

Backsplash Selection
Artificial Stone Veneer
This backsplash has a visual appeal that also adds value to the kitchen area, the use of this style is usually associated with high-class homes. Even the use of manufactured stones for kitchen backsplash can be a more practical choice with a premium look instead of natural stone, without having to cut it. The ingredients used are aggregates, iron oxides, and Portland.
However, unfortunately, this one ingredient has pores and will absorb sparks when you are preparing your food, especially oil many users of this one often have problems with oil and oil. This material can also have stubborn stains that are difficult to clean. The texture of the artificial veneer stone is bumpy, uneven, and also difficult to clean.
Although this option has a 12-inch mesh width, they remain a backsplash material that is difficult to install. However, it has eased in cutting, unlike natural stone. Although it is fairly easy to cut, for beginners, they will still have difficulty in cutting it, and sticking to the wall can require extra work because of the existing weight. The good news comes when this stone doesn’t require grout, which means you only need one small step for installation.
Metal Imitation
This backsplash is often also referred to as Thermoplastic, and they come as the easiest choice in installation. Ease of cutting using scissors and can be mounted on the wall area using double-sided tape. This option is a very light material for kitchen areas covered with just masking tape they can glue well on your wall.
This backsplash is really plastic, however, this option will withstand fire level A. And when dealing with heat 135°F or more will change its shape. So keep it away from the back area of the stove.
Travertine roof tile
If you are looking for lighter material and has easy installation with a vintage look, then this one material choice can be a good choice for your backsplash. They come with 4-inch tiles up to 19 inches, with 12-inch boxes being the largest size in your backsplash area. The choice of material on this one is a form of limestone with pores on each side, but the existing pores can be filled and sharpened to become smoother.
If you want to use this material as a kitchen backyard, you can spend as much as $ 5 per square foot and also more. Because this is a natural stone, you must do the installation correctly and schedule sealing to prevent discoloration.
The choice of using glass as a kitchen backsplash is a good choice with an attractive and more sophisticated appearance. By using glass on the backsplash, you will make the kitchen area feel bigger and reflect the light that comes. With a wide color and will not change color. Glass is a pore backsplash option that makes you do not need to do the closing. But, due to the presence of grout between tiles, sealing is needed to prevent and make the backsplash become more stain resistant.
Ceramic is a backsplash choice that we often see in most kitchen areas in several homes. And you can have a really attractive appearance by mixing and matching some great colors. Or you can also have a natural and stone-like appearance.
This backsplash is a favorite choice that is installed with edge treatment and also various accessories. This tile is a choice that will be resistant to water in your kitchen. And the costs can follow your Budget readiness.
So how? Some of the material choices we wrote above are material choices based on the rankings of several homeowners. When you make a decision about the best backsplash choice for the kitchen, then make sure one thing that backsplash is a choice that must survive in the kitchen with the existing humidity and heat.

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