Things About Pendant Lighting Before Installation

Pendant Lighting

Are you one of the chandelier lovers? And want to get the perfect results from installing a chandelier in your room? If you are the one who wants a chandelier with the most results in the room, then our lamp selection guide is mandatory for you to read!
There are many ways to hang lights on the ceiling, you can use chains, wires, ropes, even poles. Lamp hangers can be a great way to make good lighting in your room. In fact, you can get a variety of lighting style choices to complement the nuances in the room, the colors, and the design of the chandelier also determines where to place the most perfect lights in your home.

Things About Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting
➣Choice of Hanging Lamps for Your Room
Determining a good chandelier in the room can be a difficult task, but when you manage to get a chandelier that is in accordance with the room, you will get the perfect decoration! You don’t need to be confused in the selection, to make it easier for you to choose the following we write a few things to consider:


  • Type of Light: You will get a variety of color choices from chandeliers, with various shades that you can get. You will also get a choice of types of materials for making lamps made of metal, wood veneers, and so on. All options will illuminate your room with various lights. To get the appropriate lighting in the room, this depends on how you want the atmosphere in the room. Various displays are like an open ball, or maybe an option with a shade with an open top that provides an instant reflection of light up and down.
  • Scale: For those of you who want to place a pedant in the kitchen or dining room, you will only get a little light so we recommend that you place a few chandeliers for more optimal results. And where do you want to get that light, on the dining table? Island? or wherever you have to make adjustments from existing lighting.
  • Room size: The size of the room will determine the size of your pendant! The size of the pendant has many variations. Like when you have a room with a large scale, then you are also better to have a pendant with a larger and prominent appearance because the use of pedant with a small size in a large space will swallow the light produced by your pedant.


Pedant Placement
Pedant will be placed more often on the kitchen island for more optimal distribution in the island area, but due to the many variations available, the placement of pedant can vary from bed to the hallway. Pedant can be lighting that is combined with various other lightings for maximum results.
Pedants will often be hung with several choices of pedant groups, trios, duos, and even themselves. You can install Pedant from 1 large pedant in your bedroom, one line on the dining table, and 3 above your kitchen island, many variations of this pedant hanger can be done depending on the harmony of the placement and also the choice of your lighting style!
How to hang
For ease in hanger pedant more often suspended at a distance of 28-34 inches above the surface, with a size of 60-72 inches for the surface of the floor, and you will get a lamp size with a range of 25-32 inches. For a hanger on an island or a kitchen table, you are better off hanging a little higher to pull the eye up! And make sure the area you are targeting is really getting lighting from your lights.

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