Best Tips for Choosing Bedroom Feng Shui Colors

Best 8 Tips for Choosing Bedroom Feng Shui Colors

Bedroom Feng Shui Colors

What color choices will create a better feng shui flow in the bedroom? What is the basis for choosing colors in feng shui? Is single or in a relationship has an influence on the flow of feng shui? Basically, creating a color scheme in a feng shui bedroom will give you the strength to stay healthy throughout the day, and the choice of color will also bring love into you. Bedroom feng shui colors are chosen not only about the color scheme, but also about what kind of energy flow will be present in it.

To help in choosing the bedroom feng shui genre, we’ve created smart color selection tips to bring the feng shui flow more appropriately. Here are some tips you can try to determine bedroom feng shui colors:

The choice of bedroom feng shui colors is one way to increase the chi energy in the room. Color is one of the elements that represent it (Yin and Yang). Yin becomes energy that describes women while Yang is energy for men. And in the bedroom, a balance between the two must be created!

Choosing Bedroom Feng Shui Colors

Best Tips for Choosing Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
Best Tips for Choosing Bedroom Feng Shui Colors

Soothing color choices for the bedroom
Feng shui practitioners claim that the bedroom should provide more Yin energy than Yang! Since Yin energy is the energy that will make you sleep better, it is considered nurturing, passive and compassionate energy better than aggressive and overly excited Yang.

Paint Choices for Feng Shui Bedroom Walls
This is a way for you to understand how the property can be adjusted with various colors that complement the design of your room. Yang has a lighter color, while Yin has a darker color which is better for making you sleep better.

You can make a balance by using walls in a light tone with furniture in darker colors with darker tones for better contrast in the bedroom!

Color choices with the results that will be obtained:

  • Black, Aqua, gray, and blue; Soothing bedroom look.
  • Brown; Has earth energy that provides balance and rhythm.
  • Yellow; cheerfulness like sunshine in the morning
  • Red da Purple; Excited
  • Pink, Orange, Peach; Increase creativity and energy
  • White, Gold, and Mauve; Symbolizes the nuances of love
  • Pewter, Bronze, and Silver; The impression of a more active space

Bedroom Directions for Color Selection
Remember that traditional feng shui traditions use a compass direction as a guide! And Black Hat Feng Shui uses the Bagua map in determining the balance measure. The principles-based on classical feng shui depends on the elements that give a corresponding or enhanced Chi in a room. And feng shui practitioners also believe that their Feng Shui Black Hat is also decisive in the choice of elements!

“Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep”

Use a Chart Map to Determine Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
Black Hat Feng Shui uses the Bagua Map to define various elements on top of his home layout. And this Bagua will come with the same appearance in every home! To do this, all you need is an octagonal Bagua map and place it in the direction of your house with the north side of the octagon above the entrance.

Feng Shui Compass in Determining Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
Traditional Seng Shui only uses the inner compass sector placed in the bedroom to determine the color, you can read the basic compass here:

  • Stand outside the front door holding the compass level, then note the direction
  • Draw the layout of the house with a spreadsheet for the compass. Draw a circle that extends beyond the size of the house, then use drawing tissue paper to overlay the compass direction.
  • Divide the circle into equal slices
  • Use a pencil in each direction, such as the directions on the compasses N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and Nw.
  • Place the center of the tissue compass over the center of the house and rotate it as needed until it gets the right direction!

And then determine which sector of the compass occupies the bedroom. If the bedroom is in the west sector, then using a color palette with a western sector is a good way.

Bedroom Feng Shui Colors Choices

  • North; With the Water, element means for Career & Business (Black, Blue, Aqua, Teal, Gray)
  • Northeast; With Earth elements to increase Knowledge & Education (Yellow, Brown, Gray)
  • East; Wood Element for Family & Health (Green, Brown, Tan, Lime)
  • Southeast; Wood Release for Wealth (Purple, Red, Blue)
  • South; Fire Element for Fame & Recognition (Pink, Orange, Peach, Red)
  • Southwest; Earth Elements for Marriage & Relationships (Red, White, Mauve, Pink, Gold)
  • West; Metal element content for Children (Silver, Pewter, Bronze, White)
  • Northwest; Metal Elements for Helpful People & Travel (White, Black, Blue, Gray)
  • Center; Earth Element to improve Balance (Tan, Brown)

Bed Color for Feng Shui
To be able to create a better feng shui flow, you can use colors for various sectors. Color selection can be done by determining the appropriate and profitable option for your bed. Take advantage of the existing chart and use sheets and blankets in delicate colors that match the Bagua map you created on the house layout.

Master Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
The master bedroom serves 2 main purposes, the first is about romance and for a relaxing rest area. A pair of lovers can have more “Yang” energy. And you can create a comfortable resting area by using “Yang” colors like red, pink, white, and balancing them with darker tones or “Yin”.

As for the guest bedroom area, the purpose of using color is to provide a sense of turmoil for those who stay. You can use an imbalance in “Chi” which gives the room more “Yin” than “Yang.”

In determining Bedroom Feng Shui Colors, the main goal is to get a sense of comfort and improve the atmosphere in the bedroom! So, make sure you get the right color for your rest area!

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