Top 4 Kitchen Layout You Must Consider

The kitchen layout becomes an arrangement that will increase your comfort while in the kitchen. Organizing your kitchen also means you manage your traffic in such a way as to make it easier for you to explore there. To get the best settings, you need to pay attention to the shape of your kitchen. And we have 4 of the best kitchen layouts for you to try at home. The following kitchen procedures that can be tried.

Top 4 Kitchen Layout You Must Consider

Top 4 Kitchen Layout
Corridor style
This style is a style choice that stands based on two parallel walls that have a distance of about 48 inches from each other when the base cabinet is mounted. This style is a style in a narrow and narrow space that is often in apartments or in minimalist single-family homes.
  • When linked to the point of view of the kitchen function, this choice becomes an option that will make it easier for you to reach your various equipment.
  • This style kitchen is a tucked kitchen and makes the floor area free for various other activities.

  • They don’t have this large area in only the kitchen.
  • It has a narrow distance which means you can’t enter the dining area or kitchen island in your kitchen.
  • You will get a bad sale value for this type of kitchen.

One Wall Style
This design is a very basic design that is suitable for rooms with long and narrow shapes. Everything that hangs in the cupboards, sinks, refrigerators, and dishwashers all come together in one long wall.
  • Having ease of planning (installation).
  • Cheap because it uses fewer cabinets than other designs
  • Have a level of traffic that is free from restrictions
  • Has limited space
  • It has a kitchen kite area that is far from other styles.
U style
The U-shape has 3 parts of a base cabinet in it that surrounds the room, with one cabinet with an open end. This type requires 3 blank walls to implement the shape. Or you can make arrangements using the choice of a peninsula that comes out with a basic cabinet and table.
  • Better than other layouts because it has a lot of kites that can be used
  • You will have more cabinets
  • This layout is a layout with a little difficult traffic
L style
This kitchen design is a classic design that will meet the needs of large or medium-sized houses, this style has been a favorite choice for the last few decades. With the cabinet extending in 2 directions, and one cabinet becomes a cabinet that is longer than the other cabinet.
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  • It has a concept of arrangement with a triangle of the kitchen, with arrangements based on the triangle between the stove, refrigerator, and also the sink.
  • It has a concise design and saves your budget.
  • It’s possible to add to the dining area and also the kitchen island.
  • You will get an easier base cabinet option for designing your L kitchen
  • Has a deep angle and is a bit difficult to access
  • End up with the old container storage area, jars, or some other used items.
  • You have to add lazy susan to make the flow of items neatly organized.

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