Top 5 Living Room Plants

Top 5 Living Room Plants For Consideration

Living Room Plants

Everyone knows that plants have many benefits for different spaces. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, even the bathroom, plants have a big impact on decor and nuance. The use of plants will add color, shape, and also give extra freshness to your space. Living room plants can be said to be like a tool to improve decoration, and are also one of the favorite topics of guests who come.

Plants can be positioned like a work of art, furniture, and can even be used as a focal point of space. Plant placement will also be effective in filling awkward spaces in the living room. Living room plants will enhance your ambiance and decor, but the real problem comes in how do you choose these houseplants? When you open your search engine, you will find more choices for living room houseplants. For this reason, we created this article. Read on to get a selection of living room plants with the easiest care.

Top 5 Living Room Plants

Top 5 Living Room Plants
Top 5 Living Room Plants

In fact, not all of us will get a well-designed living room with flowing natural light. Let’s imagine we have very little lighting in the living room, so we should get a houseplant that is really easy to care for even in a little natural light. This is why I have placed Sanseviera at the top of the living room plants. They are also popularly known as snake plants, they are one of the really hardy species for houseplants.

This plant will grow well in every room in your house. They also come in a wide variety of tall, pointed, short, and even squatting ones.

Watering these plants is until the soil dries up, when you forget to water them they will not wither (die) quickly. While the required light intensity doesn’t have to be, this is why they top the list for living room plants.

This plant is a great choice when combined with a minimalist (slim) style living room. Rhipsalis has a look that resembles a small tree that dies in winter. with jointed stems and has no leaves for chatter. They are suitable plants to place on bookshelves, tables, and also hang in the corner of the room.

Rhipsalis need water when the soil begins to dry out, and medium and bright lighting is their favorite.

Prayer Plant
They are one of those plants that absolutely love to grow and thrive. Having folded leaves at dusk indicates that they are very sensitive to light, and make a soft rustle at night. With their dazzling appearance, they are truly beautiful with lots of variety, and also easy to grow.

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Living room plants with prayer-plants are a great idea for adding color that really grabs attention in your space. In fact, their wide selection of colors and impressive speck sizes have made them into the list of ornamental plants to complete any living room look.

They need a regular shower of water to keep thriving and try to keep their soil moist at all times. And make sure you place it in a brightly lit area for perfect growth.

Norfolk Island Pines
For hikers who love the sensation of Perhutani, consider Norfolk Island Pines for their living room plants. They are totally awesome with this beautiful green look. Besides being able to treat the atmosphere of the mountains, this plant will also give the illusion of a warm Christmas atmosphere. This option is a great idea for year-round plants in batches, grouping them with ferns or Ivies will make them even more fun.

Only provide them with water after the soil has completely dried out, and place them in a bright to a medium-light position.

Fiddle Leaf Fig
For those who are fortunate to have a large living room with free-flowing natural light, then you might consider bringing a violin fig. The tree has a really great decor element and will work well with any style you use. Trees and living room plants add added tranquility and give off a stream of truly refreshing air.

This option requires an area of soil that is constantly moist but make sure not to overwater. Lighting that is needed in bright lighting but not direct.

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