Tricks Choosing Living Room Rugs For Maximum Results

Living Room Rugs

Living Room Rugs become an additional accessory with many benefits that you can feel. Rugs in the living room are a good idea to get extra comfort, warmth, and also an additional attraction for your room. Rugs can be an addition that has a high artistic value to your surface, and can even be an area for standing furniture and a deciding focal point in the room.
Apart from being a good choice floor rugs are becoming a better choice for ease of cleanliness compared to wall rugs. Rugs have many choices with colors, morphs, and textures that you can choose according to your personal desires and style. So, there is no need to be confused to do the selection of rugs in your living room. There are several factors that can be considered for selection. The following factors can be considered in the selection of Rugs.

Living Room Rugs For Maximum Results

Living Room Rugs
Rugs Size.
Size becomes the first and foremost factor in your selection because it will determine how rugs will appear in the room. So in making size choices, you can pay attention to the following tips:


  • For those of you who have a living room with a really large size, then the best way to insert rugs into the room is to divide the area by using rugs of different colors but tie together with matching patterns and colors.
  • A mistake that most often occurs when bringing rugs into a room is to use rugs of the wrong size, and many even bring rugs that are too small. Rugs with a small size will make the room feel bound and oppressed.
  • Bringing rugs into the room can at least make one of your furniture legs within the reach of the carpet (sofa, chair).
  • For maximum results in use, at least you can get a free area of about 10-15 feet between your carpet and walls. The best placement is with a rug in the middle of the room with the distance on each side of the rug to the wall is the same.

No matter how big you have size, make sure you provide a free area for pedestrians.

Pattern and color
Rugs on the floor are an additional accessory that is of artistic value to the floor area, besides the addition of rugs can be the easiest and smartest way to provide additional colors and patterns in your room. So when you have a picture of colors or patterns for rugs, don’t hesitate to try it!


  • The choice of rugs with a bold pattern is a great idea for the room, but when you use it to make sure that the furniture is on it and doesn’t cover all of the designs.
  • Carpet tiles come as an option for rooms of unusual size. This option is a good alternative with a variety of colors and patterns. And when you have a spill there, you can also replace it.


The idea of pattern and color choices is the balance of tones that are already in the room. The best use of rugs is to perfect your room.

To get the most out of rugs in the living room, make sure you take care of them regularly. And basically, the treatment of rugs can have their own way. However, there are basic tricks for treating rugs that can make them last longer. So think about the choice of ingredients from your rugs, and make sure the care of these ingredients.

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