Tricks to Kitchen Cleaning More Effective and Efficient

Kitchen Cleaning

The Kitchen Cleaning is the heart that enlivens your home, the kitchen is also the center of existing household life. The area where you make preparations for special dinners and can also be an area to eat midnight dishes. To get comfort from the use of the kitchen, you must make arrangements for a clean and clean kitchen. Making the kitchen clean is the first idea you should think of to get comfortable while preparing there. However, in fact, doing kitchen cleaning can take up a really long time.
When you want a clean kitchen, doing regular cleaning every day can help you in getting a good look for the kitchen. However, doing deeper cleaning is a good idea to do. To get a clean and clean kitchen, we have summarized in this article how to best clean the kitchen, and where you can start!

Kitchen Cleaning More Effective and Efficient

Kitchen Cleaning
Before starting the kitchen cleaning, there are some things that you must remember and must not miss!


  • This is a complete kitchen cleaning activity to every inch of your kitchen, this is not a more thorough cleaning for every item that is in (oven inside, dishwasher deeper, inside baked bread machine). This is kitchen cleaning! So skip this cleaning process and you can repeat it later.
  • Select the appropriate tool for your cleaning. Using the right kitchen cleaning tool is a supporting item that will give you ease in cleaning and certainly more effective. Sometimes using white vinegar will also not be good for your cleaning activities, the use of white vinegar can actually destroy natural stones.


We write this article is for kitchen cleaning projects with cleaning times on weekends or at the end of the month, so set your time to get maximum cleanliness in your kitchen.
The trick to getting a cleaner kitchen in a short time.
➢Counter cleanliness
The kitchen has become an area with lots of items in it! So what if we take out everything that isn’t supposed to be in the kitchen? Go to one side of the kitchen can start from the counter, and take all the items that should not be in the kitchen. Take your basket and put all items that you shouldn’t have. A kitchen with a variety of outside items will only mess up your kitchen settings and return every kitchen item in the area that should make your kitchen cleaner and more orderly.
➢Dish Washers And Dryers
Empty! How is your washing area? Are they clean enough to get new dirty items there? If you find a washing area full of dirty dishes, then wash them and then clean them periodically. Clean any dirty dishes and cooking items that need to be cleaned in your washing area.
Cabinet Top
Cleaning for cabinets is cleaning by sweeping dirt from the top down. Yes, of course, this is the most reasonable! Clearing overhead, the top of the cupboard, and then the bottom is the easiest trick to maximize cleanliness in the kitchen.
➢Small Items
After finishing sweeping the dust from the top down, it’s time you clean the small appliances in your kitchen. This is not a deep cleansing, it is an activity to wipe a variety of small appliances and make it shine more and eliminate debris in the microwave, coffee makers, and also ovens. Start from removing bread crumbs and use a little white vinegar to wipe your equipment. Use a damp microfiber cloth with white vinegar to get the most out for cleaning your small items, but remember the vinegar on stainless steel can make them lose their luster.
Stove and Oven
Remember this is not a thorough cleaning project of items in the kitchen! However, this is a periodic kitchen cleaning project. Clean the outside of your oven, clean it with a damp microfiber cloth to get a sparkle on your oven. Of course! You also need to start cleaning from the top, also clean the gas stove, remove the handle, and wipe thoroughly every surface. For those of you who use electricity, use dishwashing soap to get maximum cleanliness.
Finish with the top, move forward using white vinegar or dish soap to clean it. Don’t miss it!
To get a cleaner and cleaner sink this is a simpler project than ever. You only need to rinse with a scrubbing cleanser and brush each crevice with a cleaner more thoroughly. Rub and rub, lest anything is left, including the tap and sponge area as well as your soap dish. Rinse, and put warm water into the sink, give a little bleach into the water and leave for 15 minutes and dry.

To get the sweet scent in the garbage disposal area, you can choose a cleaner with a melon aroma or by adding lemon juice directly into it.

It’s time to open every food storage cabinet, and bring out all the lizards that have expired! Clean up every spill, and return the item to the area it should be!
Clearing Big Items
Wipe and wipe the outside of the fridge, dishwasher, and others. Use stainless steel cleaners if possible!
Clean the trash
Bring the garbage plastic that is full and take it out. Clean the kitchen of crumbs in the area under the can, and clean thoroughly.
Clean the floor surface
It’s time to take out the broom, vacuum cleaner, and mop. Sweep all the crumbs and debris that are on the surface of the floor make sure you have swept all of the surface areas even under the cabinet or fridge. Also, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and fine dirt left after sweeping, and after finishing prepare a mop and clean every inch of the floor.
Final Touch
to get the maximum impression from cleaning the kitchen you can bring candles in, and bring a few pieces of flowers and place on the table to make the room fresher.

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