Tricks to Remodel Home on the Weekend

When holidays or weekends arrive, some of us can spend money at the store, others, go on vacation, and some others prefer to do some activities at home. When it comes to vacation, you can choose to do various activities that are more fun when at home. This can be a little play with creativity with DIY projects.
There are many people who like weekends and holidays at home with a little Project to make the home more comfortable. Or do you want to try it? There are some home-based jobs that can be done at the end of the work and don’t even need a day to finish them. These are some DIY jobs that you can do at home and still get some time to relax. This is an easy project that can be done with the tools you have at home, but some can also be from a local hardware store.

Tricks to Remodel Home on the Weekend

Remodel Home on the Weekend
New Mailbox
This can be a DIY project with an installation time of around 30-60 minutes. Installing a new mailbox will give a new look to your page. Go to the hardware store and bring some tools that you don’t have, and must-have for this project. If you want a strong mailbox, you can make a cement base there, by mounting feet and shipments using a wrench and a screwdriver.
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Dig with a shovel at least the mailbox can enter with a perfect appearance. Pour the cement in the space you have prepared and push your mailbox, make sure your roasting is correct and then wait for it to dry.
  1. Wrench
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Shovel
  4. Cement
  5. New mailbox

Floating Rack Installation
This project takes about 60-75 minutes, floating shelves can be additional storage that has a style with ease of installation. Find the most perfect place for you to install a floating shelf, get rid of the paint using Scaper. To make it easier to guard later, make sure the weight of the rack and the items that will occupy it make sure the shelf stays safe.
Also make sure your height, use a size that is still easy for you to reach when you need items on the shelf. And the lowest floating shelf is at least 99cm from your floor with a shelf distance of 30 cm. Make sure your walls are ready in nailing without being blocked by hidden wires and pipes.
Use the first bracket and make sure the next level has the same distance from each other to get a better view.

Change the wall paint
This activity with a duration ranging from 60-90 minutes per coat. By repainting the walls, it will give a new look to your home. You can also use a tinge of wall color with an accent on which will display a new statement with many choices according to personal taste. To facilitate the work you can remove the peeling paint, nails, silicone and other materials using a multi-scraper. Mix paint with a mixer to get a more attractive color with the consistency of finishing in your coloring. Make sure you do it evenly using rollers.

Change the Granite Counter
3-4 hours work duration to give a new look You don’t have to tidy up your kitchen table forever, this can be a DIY project by creating a new look on the table by displaying fake granite there. You can start by sanding the table with a grit sponge and cleaning the dust on the table surface. Prepare the calculation with a primer using two mantels.

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Combine black and base paint to display a different gray impression. Use a sponge, and apply it with the use of the darkest color and continue with a lighter tone. Do touch-ups for areas that require brighter colors. To get the impression of real stone, you can use a little sparkle on a wet surface and coat it with a polyacrylic sealer.

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